Organic Orange Flavoured Extra Virgin 250 ml

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Organic Extra Virgin Orange Flavoured Olive Oil – All the flavour of our Mediterranean oranges.

Organic Orange Flavoured Extra Virgin Olive Oil

A quality condiment made from organic extra virgin olive oil and flavoured with orange. A 100% Italian product.

Together with all the flavoured extra virgin olive oils in our range, this is an invaluable item to have in your kitchen. The Calvi flavoured extra virgin olive oils can be used in place of any cooking fat either directly during cooking or as a finishing touch. They can elevate any simple sauce or dressing into something more special and elegant, used for sautéing vegetables or in marinades. Try them drizzled on pizza or pasta or adding them to soups to intensify the flavour. The possibilities are endless!

To get the most out of your Calvi flavoured oil, when cooking with it it is important to keep it from burning as this can diminish the flavour. The Calvi flavoured oils also blend perfectly with our Calvi Extra Virgin Olive Oils and can be used together in varying proportions, depending on the strength of flavour desired.

Product label
The label with the nutritional information and the other product details can be found in the ‘Allegati’.

Our Orange flavoured extra virgin olive oil is especially aromatic and accompanies nicely chicken, fish, grilled meat, fennel salads and is a perfect balance for salads with slightly bitter leaves, such as rocket, radicchio, frisée lettuce and watercress… It can also be used in making cakes or muffins, such as Orange Olive Oil cake or in cookies together with chocolate chips.

Storage instructions
Extra virgin olive oil must be stored away from direct sources of light since light greatly accelerates the natural phenomenon of oxidation. Prolonged exposure to heat also has a negative effect on the oil, even if less damaging than light. We advise you, therefore, to keep this product in a cool dark place, such as inside a kitchen cabinet and away from heat sources.
If you have stocked up on this product and want to keep it in the best possible condition, store the bottles closed at a temperature close to 15 °C, if possible (in the cellar or garage, for example).

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