Intervention co-financed by

Action 3.1.1 “Aid for investments in machinery, plant and intangible assets and support for company reorganization and restructuring processes” – Digitization of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises” (2022)

Project objective :
modify the methods of searching for new customers hitherto carried out with traditional methods (participation in trade fairs, personal visits, word of mouth)
significantly integrating them with the use of digital tools.

Purpose and description of interventions:
The project made it possible to change the organization of work by moving resources within the company towards web marketing activities,
improving the company’s efficiency in customer development activities.
The project developed along two lines, the first directed towards the direct consumer and the other towards the professional customer:

1. With reference to the search for new direct consumer customers, the implementation of the project has made it possible to enhance the use of our site
– acquiring the necessary plugin and carrying out all the necessary configurations to then be able to create
professional marketing and dynamic remarketing activities, especially on the “social” channels Facebook and Instragram
– carrying out a sponsorship campaign on the Google search engine both on the Italian market and with
Google page in German in Germany (these are the two most important markets for our direct sales to final consumers)

2. With reference to the search for new professional client clients, we have positioned our company on the Alibaba digital market
place, creating a site on this platform at a professional level and supporting it with the
necessary promotional investments.
This allows us to get in touch with foreign operators looking for products similar to those offered by us, going to support if not
completely replace participation in physical fairs, profoundly changing the way of commercial development and regeneration
of professional customers.