Extra Virgin Biologico 500 ml – Italian Organic

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The Calvi Organic Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil “Biologico” 500 ml is obtained from organic olives grown in Italian olive groves.

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Italian oil – Cold extracted

Growing organic is, unfortunately, more expensive than conventional farming: on the one hand, because the natural fertilizers and agricultural products are obviously more expensive than the synthetic counterparts, and on the other, because the yield is lower compared to that possible in conventional agriculture.
But in the end, the oil on our table is something produced following the laws of nature, without force … which is no small thing.

Product label
The label with the nutritional information and the other product details can be found in the ‘Allegati’.

A tasty and fragrant product, especially suitable for seasoning salads and vegetables and to accompany meat.

Storage instructions
Extra virgin olive oil must be stored away from direct sources of light since light greatly accelerates the natural phenomenon of oxidation. Prolonged exposure to heat also has a negative effect on the oil, even if less damaging than light. We advise you, therefore, to keep this product in a cool dark place, such as inside a kitchen cabinet and away from heat sources.
If you have stocked up on this product and want to keep it in the best possible condition, store the bottles closed at a temperature close to 15 °C, if possible (in the cellar or garage, for example).

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