Taggiasca olives without stone in oil 2.7 kg

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The Taggiasca olive is a typical cultivar grown in Ponente, the western part of Liguria (Italy) in particular in the province of Imperia. The Taggiasca olive derives its name from the border town of Taggia where it was cultivated by the monks at the Benedictine Monastery, however, it was likely imported from France in 9th century AD by the monks of Colombanus.

Taggiggiasche Olives are simply unique: smaller than many other varieties and easily recognizable for their purple-green colour. Soft with a very thin skin, they are extremely fragrant and delicately tasty with a pleasant slightly bitter aftertaste. Truly an olive that has no equal, today deservedly renowned.

The Calvi Taggiasche Olives come only from the Imperia Province.

Product label
The label with the nutritional information and the other product details can be found in the ‘Allegati’.

The Calvi pitted Taggiasche olives are particularly tender making them especially delicious as an appetizer but equally good in cooking.
Indeed, Taggiasche olives are a staple ingredient in a number of typical Ligurian dishes: such as ‘stoccafisso in umido’, a stew made with stockfish and potatoes, but also in the famous ‘brandacujun’, salt cod with pine nuts, parsley and Taggiasca olives and olive oil. Taggiasche olives are also part of the topping of ‘sardenaira’, a variety of deep based, soft focaccia/pizza typical of Sanremo, topped with tomato sauce, garlic, capers, Taggiasche, oregano and anchovy fillets, which Ligurians enjoy a lot, especially in the morning or as part of their aperitivi.
They are great for enhancing green, rice or pasta salads, for an additional topping on pizzas or in foccacia. They go especially well with fish dishes or cheese and can be used in a varitety of dishes to add a special touch.

Storage instructions
Store in a cool dry place. Once opened, ensure that the product is covered in oil, top up if necessary, and keep refrigerated (+4°C).

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