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  In our Company quality means  


The moment of oil production: in our mill all olives are cold pressed, healthy and freshly harvested, with the aim of producing a fruity and perfumed oil with the minimum of acidity. In addition to the oil we mill ourselves, we fulfil our needs by purchasing from mills who work with the same ideals and aims as ourselves.

The subsequent handling of the oil: we marry tradition with innovation, storing our oil in the old underground tanks which have since been coated in stainless steel. The oil is decanted periodically, using stainless steel or phthalate-free rubber pipes, and the tanks scrupulously cleaned.

The control of the oil before bottling: it is not enough just to try to do one’s best, one must also be certain of the result. We apply a very strict HACCP self-control system and meticulously control all our extra virgin olive oils, with the help of certified laboratories. This also includes the testing for contaminants and pesticide residues (a rather expensive analysis which is, consequently, often overlooked by small and medium companies, like ourselves). Lastly, but not least, we personally taste all our oil before bottling.