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Located in the Oneglia Valley, amongst the olive groves of Pontedassio, our oil mill was installed in 2013. The production capacity reaches 1,3 tons/hour of Taggiasca olives, handpicked and pressed within 24 hours of harvesting. At the heart of the oil mill is a modern continuous-cycle Pieralisi system which we have further customized.

On the 5th October we began milling Taggiasca olives of the 2017-2018 harvest. This year’s harvest began notably earlier than usual as a result of the heat and the dry summer causing the olives to ripen much more rapidly.

We are very proud of our Mill: it is our pride and joy. We continue to invest our time, resources and passion into it in order to keep it not only ultra-efficient but also to improve upon it from year to year.

The latest additions are: the new automatic leaf remover, a real Ferrari in its field, which allows us to remove the leaves from a quintal (100kg) of olives in less than a minute and the new machine which measures the olives destined for jarring in brine.

Nevertheless, the entire mill is still very young - none of the machinery, as of October 2017, is older than 3 years. Carefully researched with the aim of allowing us to obtain the best quality product and at the same time, working in the most eco-friendly manner possible.

Referring to the quality aspect, the key elements are the highly developed system of crushing and the extraction of the oil with a two-phased technology (which makes it possible to obtain oils richer in polyphenols, equal to the olives used). Adding to which the double-wash stage of the olives at the beginning, the cold pressing, the technological level of the machinery…

Moreover, our Mill is also eco-friendly since it uses approximately a sixth of the water required in more traditional milling machinery, and from the remains left after oil extraction (that is, what remains from the olives) we obtain clean pits or stones which fuel our boiler and organic matter which is sent to plants for the production of biogas. Nothing is wasted.

We also mill olives for third parties: the number of Agricultural businesses and private parties who ask us to mill their olives for them is always on the increase and this for us is a cause of great satisfaction.

Our Mill is open to anyone who would like to visit, preferably by letting us know beforehand (Tel: 0183 279010 / 0183 292851 / You will find us at Via Nazionale 28, 18027 Pontedassio.


  Among its technical solutions 


A double grid crusher with variable turning speed: it is this most crucial phase that determines (within the natural limits of the cultivar) the final characteristics of the oil.

The kneader automatically controls the temperature of the olive paste: since it is not enough to simply state that it has been cold pressed but also to be certain to achieve this every time in every situation.

The extractor, a large-diameter centrifugal, two-phase system (a system virtually unused in Liguria due to the difficulty of running it): does not require dilution of the paste with water which benefits the flavor and perfume of the oil, as well as the polyphenol content.

Lastly, but not least, our mill has a low environmental impact: the consumption of drinking water is reduced, the pits of the olives are burnt in a boiler to heat the building, whilst the residue of the olive paste is sent to bio-digesters for the production of biogas.