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The Calvi Company is an old olive oil business established in 1921 by Giuseppe Calvi. Today it is managed by Gianni and Luca Calvi together with a small but valuable staff.

The Company premises are situated at 56 Via Garessio, Imperia Oneglia, whilst the olive mill is located at Pontedassio, amongst the olive-groves of the Oneglia Valley. It is here that the new factory is being built. Our strategy is ancient and simple: to offer good and natural artisanal products, made with expert knowledge and packaged with elegance. In this way, the Calvi Extra Virgin Olive Oils leave Liguria destined for the main international markets. The heart of our Extra Virgin range is made up of the Taggiasca olive oils (the typical olive of the western Ligurian Riviera): “Riviera Ligure P.D.O.”, “Mosto Oro” and “Cultivar Oliva Taggiasca”. Alongside these stand some other fine oil selections: “Mosto Classico”, “Pinzimolio”, “Green Fruit” and “Classico”. Alongside these stand some other fine oil selections: “Mosto Classico”, “Pinzimolio”, “Green Fruit” and “Classico”. 

  All made from 100% Italian, cold pressed olives.  


1Yearly production amounts to about 150.000 bottles of Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 25.000 units of Monocultivar Taggiasca and about 5.000 bottles of Rivera Ligure P.D.O. Besides the oil, we offer a wide variety of products in oil: Taggiasca olives, Pesto P.D.O., sauces, fish, such as tuna and mackerel, and other specialities. In addition, we have Ligurian Ciappe (crispy flat bread), sauces, condiments and tomato purée. Lastly come our latest range, the Bio Products, which perfectly mirror our company’s philosophy which focuses on our clients’ health as well as that of the environment.


  The word quality today is often hand out. In our company quality means:  

- all our oils are Italian and are cold pressed (the only exception being the oil contained in our 5 litre can, which is mainly destined for use in restaurant kitchens)

- all our oils have low acidity (with reference to the harvest of winter 2012-2013,  the average acidity of oils of Taggiasca olives was 0.24% and average acidity of the other Italian oils was 0.25%)

- our oils are stored in steel silos or in traditional underground tanks which in recent years have been lined with steel. Oils are periodically transferred to clean tanks.

- our oils undergo scrupulous analytical controls carried out by approved certified laboratories.

- a scrupulous organoleptic (sensorial) control of all our oils is entrusted to Gianni and Luca

- we apply a detailed HACCP self control

I nostri prodotti sono venduti sia in Italia che importati da distributori di specialità alimentari di molti paesi: Germania, Francia, Olanda, Irlanda ... e la maggior parte dei paesi europei, nonchè Russia, Stati Uniti, Canada, Giappone, Cina...