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Our Tuna, obtained from small size fish, is steamed, cut with a knife and packed by hand, with the addition of first quality olive oil. The Tuna Calvi immediately endeared itself to the consumers, thanks to its frank taste and its beautiful bright pink colour.   Tuna in olive oil 200 g / 300 g / 540 g / 1750 g (tin)

A natural alternative to our Tuna in oil. Especially appreciated because it is very light and easily digestible. Tuna in brine 200 g

The Albacore tuna fish, also known as 'white tuna' in Italy, has a softer texture, a milder flavour and is higher in the beneficial Omega 3 fatty acids than regular tuna. White tuna in olive oil 227 g

Only for the most discerning of palates, the Ventresca Tuna is produced in limited quantities from the meat of the belly of the tuna. It is characterized by a more intense flavour and greater tenderness with respect to the normal tuna . 'Ventresca' Tuna Belly in olive oil 200 g / 300 g

These tuna pieces are obtained from the fragments of tuna which break during the preparation of our tuna in fillets: no less fine than our delicious Tuna in Olive Oil and just as tasty. Tuna pieces in olive oil 200 g

The tuna in fresh chilli sauce makes a delicious alternative to our tuna in olive oil. Dedicated to lovers of strong flavours. Tuna in chilli sauce 200 g

Mackerel is often unfairly considered a poor fish. However, differing greatly in texture and flavour to tuna, many, in fact, prefer it. Mackerel in olive oil 200 g

These little fish are packed with flavour, as well as being rich in protein, minerals and vitamins, making them a very popular and healthy choice in the Italian cuisine.  The Calvi Anchovy Fillets are strictly Italian; and cleaned and prossessed by hand. Anchovy fillets in olive oil 95 g / 200 g / 750 g  

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