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In our mill all olives are cold pressed, healthy and freshly harvested, with the aim of producing a fruity and perfumed oil with the minimum of acidity. In addition to the oil we mill ourselves, we fulfil our needs by purchasing from mills who work with the same ideals and aims as ourselves.

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Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil Riviera Ligure P.D.O. – LUCINASCO is obtained solely from olives of the olive-groves of the village of Lucinasco. A delicate extra virgin olive oil of unrivaled quality.  Riviera Ligure D.O.P. - LUCINASCO “TAGGIASCA” OLIVES Unfiltred 250 ml / 500 ml / 750 ml

From the Taggiasca olives of the Oneglia Valley, exclusively cold pressed in our Oil-Mill, comes this particularly delicate extra virgin olive oil, with clear fruity and almond notes. Ideal for dressing fish and delicate dishes. Riviera Ligure D.O.P. “TAGGIASCA” OLIVES Unfiltred 500 ml  

Produced from the finest quality Taggiasca olives harvested in the back country of Imperia Oneglia, at their ideal ripening. This exceptional oil presents unique characteristics, amongst which its delicate flavour and warm golden colour.   Mosto Oro “TAGGIASCA” OLIVES Unfiltred 100 ml / 250 ml / 500 ml / 750 ml

Mosto Argento is a perfect blend of the Taggiasca olive with other reputed Italian Cultivars. Harvested by hand from November to December, at maximum ripening, the olives are then immediately cold pressed  Mosto argento TAGGIASCA AND OTHER ITALIAN OLIVES Unfiltered  250 ml / 500 ml / 750 ml

Mosto Classico, a sweet but fresh and fruity oil. An excellent choice for dressing both vegetables and salads, as well as more delicate dishes. Obtained from olives cold pressed from select Italian Olive groves. Mosto Classico ONLY ITALIAN OLIVES 100 ml / 250 ml / 500 ml / 750 ml / 1 lt Unfiltered

"Green Fruit", an excellent Italian extra virgin olive oil, obtained from partially ripe olives. It has a full-bodied, fruity and slightly green flavour; perfect for lovers of quality oils with a distinguished taste.   GREEN FRUIT ONLY ITALIAN OLIVES 500 ml / 750 ml

A melange of oils from olives harvested during the entire production time gives this oil a mild taste, a warm gold colour, a lively perfume and a rich fragrance.     Classico ONLY ITALIAN OLIVES 100 ml / 250 ml / 500 ml / 750 ml / 1 lt

This Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a fresh perfume and a delicate fruity taste, making it ideal for seasoning all types of fresh vegetables.   PINZIMOLIO® ONLY ITALIAN OLIVES Unfiltered 250 ml / 500 ml / 750 ml / 1 lt / 2 lt / 5 lt Dark bottle 750 ml

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil "Il Quadro" is obtained from an attentive selection of the best extra virgin olive oils produced from December to February. Recommended for all cooking purposes  and is excellent for dressing vegetable soups, vegetables and legumes. Quadro ONLY ITALIAN OLIVES 1 L

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